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Mophie’s Powerstation AC is the only backup battery you’ll ever need

[ad_1] Mophie’s been a solid, consistent maker of external batteries and backup power sources, but its new Powerstation AC just might top them all. The large, 22,000 mAh powerhouse has ample output options – including a crucial one that most backup batteries lack: a standard AC plug, just like you’d find in a wall in your home. The Powerstation AC ...

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Cambassy lets you be your country’s digital ambassador

[ad_1] Cambassy is a new app that lets you share the favorite things about your town, city, or country. You can think of it as a sort of breadcrumb travelogue that you leave behind for others to find and lets you include phots, tips, and comments about your favorite locations. Created by Khalid Twaim and Omar Rabea, the company one ...

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