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D-Link, Asus tout 802.11ax Wi-Fi routers, but you'll have to wait until later in 2018

Companies like D-Link, Linksys and Asus are aiming to give the smart home, small business and remote office a serious Wi-Fi makeover as it’s increasingly clear that connectivity remains a bottleneck. CES 2018 The Big Trends for Business CES showcases the tech trends that will shape the year ahead. See the most important products that will impact businesses and professionals. ...

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Nvidia teams up with Acer, Asus and HP to launch 65-inch gaming displays

If you are tired of that puny 27-inch gaming screen on your desk and you want a more immersive gaming experience on a really big screen — say 65-inches — then Nvidia has something new for you. The company today announced a new hardware initiative with partners Acer, Asus and HP: big format gaming displays (BFGD). The idea here is ...

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Garmin’s Speak Plus brings Alexa to your car and doubles as a dash cam

It’s more or less inevitable that Amazon Alexa will find its way into cars. Once you get used to sitting in your house and shouting commands into the air, you’ll pretty quickly find yourself wanting to do the same in your car. Apple and Google have the advantage there right now, with their voice assistants running constantly on the smartphone ...

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