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Cisco announces Kinetic IoT operations platform

Cisco SVP and GM of IoT and Applications Rowan Trollope Cisco has announced its Kinetic Internet of Things (IoT) operations platform, with a focus on managing connections, “fog” computing, and the delivery of data. According to Cisco, Kinetic “streamlines the capability of companies bringing their IoT initiatives to market”, complementing both its Jasper IoT platform and its newly unveiled network ...

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Why I'm still surprised the iPhone didn't die

The Apple iPhone: 2007, meet 2017 cnet Reviewing our original iPhone review A decade after testing the first iPhone, CNET editors annotate their review to see what they liked, what they hated and how the phone has changed. I know that it’s popular to hate on the iPhone and spread predictions of its impending doom, but what surprises me isn’t ...

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Japan’s SNES Classic gets Famicom look and tweaked game selection

Everyone’s excited about the SNES Classic Edition, what with its twee 90s look and fantastic selection of games. But as with its NES predecessor, the Japanese version of the device is significantly different, outside and in — here are the differences between the two. The most obvious change is the console itself, which is a miniature Super Famicom instead of ...

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