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Fact: Broadband really does work over a piece of wet string

Techies at UK ISP Andrews & Arnold have demonstrated that ADSL broadband can work over a wet string. An inquisitive engineer at the company this week decided to test whether wet string could work in place of twisted-pair copper for an ADSL connection. Using a two-meter (6ft 7in) length of wet string, the engineer was able to reach a downlink ...

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Finnish autonomous car goes for a leisurely cruise in the driving snow

It’s one thing for an autonomous car to strut its stuff on a smooth, warm California tarmac, and quite another to do so on the frozen winter mix of northern Finland. Martti, a self-driving vehicle system homegrown in Finland, demonstrated just this in a record-setting drive along a treacherous (to normal drivers) Laplandish road. Martti is one of two cars ...

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Netflix will look for a repeat play in 2018 after a strong year

Netflix had a pretty good year by very Netflix-y standards: it added a ton of subscribers; its international growth plans seem to be playing out as hoped; it cleaned up in the Golden Globe nominations, and users are watching a ton of Netflix. While the company has continued to show growth with its existing strategy — investing a ton in its original ...

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