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Internet for WAN. Is it real this time?

In the 90’s as we pondered the future of data networks, we came to the realisation that as most applications were based on IP, it made sense to offer IP-routed data connectivity for Wide Area Networking (WAN) solutions. The IP die had already been cast by via internet with the value proposition of private IP networks – typically MPLS-based – ...

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How to rescue a bricked iPhone or iPad

“Bricked” is a word that should send a chill down the spine of any iPhone or iPad owner. Fortunately, most devices that at first seem to be dead can be resuscitated with a little know-how. Here are the steps I take when trying to bring a dead iPhone or iPad back to life. First off, remove the device from any ...

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LeEco CEO: Apple is 'outdated' and has 'fallen behind' the competition

Apple Store, Xidan Joy City, Beijing, China Apple is “outdated” and losing momentum in China, claims billionaire and LeEco CEO entrepreneur Jia Yueting. Speaking with CNBC, Jia said that the iPhone has “fallen behind” the competition in recent years, pointing to declining sales momentum in China. “In China you can see that Apple has already begun to lose the rapid ...

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