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The brilliant mechanics of Pokémon Go

If you haven’t seen it already, you will soon when you are walking down the street. Every person you pass who is fervently looking at their phone is likely playing the No. 1 game in the country right now: Pokémon Go. You might think it’s popular because of the brand. Nintendo, which refused to make a Pokémon game for the ...

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EU-US Privacy Shield now officially adopted but criticisms linger

The European Commission has formally adopted a new framework for governing personal data transfers between the EU and the US, replacing the prior Safe Harbor agreement which was invalidated last fall, and aiming to end nine months of uncertainty. The EU-US Privacy Shield agreement is another attempt to bridge two distinct legal regimes, aiming to achieve ‘essential equivalence’ of European data protection laws ...

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Of Course the Lotus Evora 400 Will Get a Gulf Livery

To create a new special edition of the Evora 400, Lotus opened up the polls to its followers on social media. In the most predictable outcome ever, fans chose the iconic Gulf livery as the special edition scheme. Looking at the field of color scheme possibilities, Gulf was inevitable. Among those available, including the runner-up yellow-on-black combo, none had the ...

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