New Apple ad does some voice-first education with The Rock and Siri


How do you teach people how to use an interface that’s invisible? That’s been the marketing communications problem for Apple since the day Siri became the first big mass-market voice assistant.

They’ve taken stab after stab at it. The splash page that offers Siri suggestions if you activate it and don’t say anything. TV spots; tool tips; App Store promotions and interviews you may or may not have read about how much work they’re putting into Siri. They’re all an attempt to get you beyond the basic timer and weather queries.

And, more recently, they’re an effort to acclimate iPhone users to the idea that Siri represents all of the various applications of Apple’s AI and ML work – beyond the vocal personality most people have come to associate with Siri.

The penetration of Siri as ‘that thing you ask things on your phone’ is incredibly broad but very shallow. And true, consistent, daily utility is how you get people hooked on a platform.

Put plainly: Apple needs to teach people how capable Siri is of helping them out on a daily basis.

This time around, it has enlisted Dwayne Johnson, AKA The Rock, our current action movie king and future President.

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