Net Neutrality advocates plan protests for December 7 at Verizon stores


On December 14, the FCC will vote on whether or not to roll back Obama-era policies protecting a free and open internet. In fact, during yesterday’s announcement of the upcoming vote, the FCC neglected to mention the historic 22 million comments on the issue, the majority of which were opposed to its rollback.

In response, protests are being held on December 7 at Verizon retail stores across the country. The protests were organized by Demand Progress, Fight For The Future, and FreePress Action Fund.

Here’s what the protest organizers have to say on their event page:

Ajit Pai is clearly still working for Verizon, not the public. But he still has to answer to Congress. So we’re calling on our lawmakers to do their job overseeing the FCC and speak out against Ajit Pai’s plan to gut Title II net neutrality protections and give Verizon and other giant ISPs everything on their holiday wishlist.

If you need a quick refresher on Net Neutrality, check out John Oliver’s explainer below or go in-depth with this post from TechCrunch writer Devin Coldewey.

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