Formula E grows, gains cred


This morning, Faraday Future Dragon Racing unveiled its livery for the third season of the Formula E all-electric open-wheel racing series in Hong Kong. The car’s black-and-white fade pattern echoes the Faraday Future logo, though the company says the design takes its cues from an electromagnetic wave. In the video below, Pontus Fontaeus, chief designer of interiors at Faraday, says, “We are elegant, sophisticated, and we don’t scream to get our message through.”

Faraday’s sponsorship of the Dragon Racing team is more than a fashion statement. The company is also a technical partner to develop software to wring every electron out of the powertrain. In future years, as the EV startup and the race series itself mature, Faraday will provide hardware and powertrain components, possibly including its Echelon Inverter.

Faraday hopes to use what it learns on the track in the development of its street cars, a not-unheard-of strategy. The co-founder of LeEco’s SEE Plan for electric vehicles, Ding Lei, says the company is fully on board with the racing partnership for just that reason. LeEco is the Chinese tech giant formerly known as LeTV that has a partnership with Faraday Future to build electric cars in the US.

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