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Trump appoints Pai to head FCC and beat-down net neutrality


To no one’s surprise, President Donald Trump immediately struck at net neutrality. He stuck his blow by appointing long-time net neutrality adversary Ajit Pai as chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Under Trump’s FCC, net neutrality is going to get cut. Trump had always opposed net neutrality. In November 2014 when the FCC ruled for net neutrality, Trump tweeted, ...

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Google starts testing Instant Apps in the wild


 One of the biggest surprises at last year’s Google I/O developer conference was the announcement of Instant Apps for Android. These new kinds of apps are meant to help bridge the gap between web apps and native apps. The idea here is to break native apps into very small packets that, because they are so small, can run almost instantly — and without ...

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Razer goes immersive with new in-room gaming projection and 3-screen laptop


Razer, the billion-dollar startup that builds hardware and software for hardcore gaming enthusiasts, is today unveiling two of its latest products aimed at ramping up the immersive gaming experience. And — surprisingly, given how much else we’ve seen in this area this week already at CES — Razer is not launching yet another virtual reality tool. Project Ariana is a new in-room projector that expands your gameplay ...

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