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Fitbit is having a bad day

Fitbit is, once again, not having a good day after spending the year in mostly middling status as it looks to prove there’s a market for fitness trackers as well as its own smartwatch. The culprit today is a Wall Street firm slapping a “sell” rating on the company’s stock, which often results in a resounding rejection of its potential ...

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EyeEm’s new products aim to understand brand aesthetics

EyeEm is unveiling new tools to help the brands and marketers using the site to source their images. Underlying these tools is a technology called EyeEm Vision, which we described in-depth earlier this year. The goal is to expand image recognition so that it’s not just identifying the objects in the photo, but also its aesthetic qualities. EyeEm’s co-founder and ...

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Toyota and Panasonic Reportedly Developing Advanced Battery Technology

Twenty years after Toyota introduced the first Prius in Japan and 17 years after it arrived in the United States, hybrids are practically synonymous with Toyota. Tesla may be the young, hot EV startup, but when you think “hybrid,” you picture a Prius. But as demand for electrified vehicles increases, Toyota needs to be able to use newer, better batteries. To achieve ...

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